ARTAS (Hair Transplant Machine)

The introduction of ARTAS (Hair Transplant Machine), an accurate solution for hair transplant problems

It is an auxiliary equipment for hair transplant surgery. The computerized image system is used to analyze the position of the hair follicle, and then the arm is drilled by the robot arm. Implanted hair follicle technology has also been developed in the United States.

The advent of ARTAS (Hair Transplanting Machine), undoubtedly help doctor doing hair transplant greatly. It can be used to help doctor saving a lot of physical strength and concentrating on the hair follicle during the operation, thus prolonging the doctor’s operation period. The hair flow and direction of the hair vary from person to person. In order to make the implant hair style more natural, the doctor’s planting technique is the key to the operation. This is also the “temperature” that the robot arm can’t replace. In addition, the experience of the medical team is vital. The success of the operation lies in the tacit agreement between the physician and the hair transplant team. The purity of proficiency is the key to survival.

It can’t completely replace the skills of medical staff. The both cooperation will make the surgery more efficient and better for YOU.

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How is ARTAS (Hair Transplant Machine) going?