Principle of Hair Transplant

Principle introduction and recommendation of Hair Transplantation. Effective and Obviously.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Drill hair follicles one by one and pull them out.

American digital Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants do not require scalp removal. American digital hair transplants use John p. Cole’s modified FUE technique to maintain follicle integrity. A well-trained medical team is still needed to significantly improve survival rates.

Dr. John Cole is present at the hair transplant clinic that instructs John’s technology Clinic.

Dr. John Cole leaves a signature at MyHair Hair Transplant Clinic.
Dr. John Cole is demonstrating. Left: The president, Huang Zhong-li. Dr. Shen Zhi-long. Dr. John Cole.

So far the differences and various HENGNS-EPM in Taiwan.

American digital Hair TransplantKorean Hair TransplantPunch Hair Matic
Made fromUSAKoreaFrance
Year published201120052003
Drill sharpnessSharp, which reduce the damage of hair follicles.FairlyFairly
Follicle picking speedUp to 2,000 plants/per hourUp to 600 plants/per hourUp to 800 plants/per hour
Fracture rateextremely low (less than 3% during multiple delivery methods)low (Shock rotation reduces damage rate)low (Without Shock rotation can easily damage Hair follicle)
Hair follicle survival rateHigher (High-speed hair extraction, improve the survival rate of hair follicle)HigherLower (Suction causes hair follicles dry up easily)
ApplicationSetting parameters for different scalp characteristics
Minimize the damage rate of hair follicle
Two kinds of model
The fracture rate of hair extraction was higher in loose scalp
one kind of model
The fracture rate of hair extraction was higher in loose scalp
Patient’s comfortableSit, highly comfortableLying On Front, It compresses the chest for a long timeLying On Front, It compresses the chest for a long time

The Operation method is to use 0.6 ~ 1.0 mm in diameter of borer (Biopsy Punch), as well as in the occipital scalp, ripping the skeletons of hair follicles in the form of drill and pull it out, about an hour to capture 1000 more than 2000 strains or so, and then transplanted the hair follicles to the part of the hair. The damage rate of hair follicles during the process is about 5%, as far as the traditional FUT hair follicles damage rate. There was no strip scar in donor area FUE take hair follicle is the advantage of low the scar is not obvious pain of wound healing fast (about one week), Hair from other parts of the body can be transplanted.

Applicable Targets

  • Beauty hair transplant: Beard, Side-bums, hair line design, and eyebrow.
  • Extra tight scalp.
  • Patients with secondary hair transplantation.
  • Patients are especially afraid of pain or scarring.

It can’t completely replace the skills of medical staff. The both cooperation will make the surgery more efficient and better for YOU.

Surgical process

  • Tonsure: In order to collect hair follicles even for protecting wound, it is recommended to shave the hair in the donor area to a length of about 1.5~2mm and secure the surrounding hair with 3M tape without contamination.
  • Disinfection of donation area: Just follow normal surgical sterilization procedures.
  • Give anesthetic.
  • Drill holes for hair follicles: After the doctor drill hole, assistant with tweezers clip the hair gently pull out and put into the iron plate.
  • Partitioning ranking: Aaccording to the number of hair roots it contains arrange each follicle.
  • Bandaged donation area: Apply ointment and lie down to compress the wound to stop bleeding.
  • Donation area disinfection: Just followed normal surgical sterilization procedures.
  • Implantation of hair follicle: After the tip of the pen inserted directly into the scalp of the recipient area, gently press the tip of the hair transplant pen and bring out the center of the pen in the direction of the flow.

The parties agree to provide the photos to prove. The treatment varies from person to person, depending on different conditions, by the individual evaluation of the implementation of the physician


Q:What’s the difference between American digital hair transplantation with others?
All designs of American digital hair transplant are designed to reduce the damage of hair follicles and improve the survival rate of hair follicles:

  • John Cole hair transplant’s patented hair drill design, which is sharper and thinner, is able to reduce the damage of hair follicles while drilling, and maintain the integrity of hair follicles, greatly improving the survival rate of hair follicles.
  • According to the patient’s scalp condition, the hair retrieval mode can reduce the damage of hair follicles and improve the survival rate of hair follicles.
  • There are three kinds of models: Rotation, oscillation, dual mode (Rotation, oscillation) with lower fracture rate.
  • All controlled by program to adopt careful and patterns suitable for the patient’s scalp.
Q:What’s the difference between MyHair American digital hair transplantation (John Cole) with others?
MyHair Hair Transplant Clinic personally supervised the hair transplant institution from Dr. John Cole in Taipei which expertise is highly trustworthy.
Q:Is the survival rate high of hair planted by American digital hair transplant?
The survival rate of hair follicles varies from person to person, but the factors that affect the survival of hair follicles are closely related to the method of hair extraction. If the hair follicles are damaged and broken at the moment hair removal, the survival rate decreases significantly. The drill for John’s hair transplant has reduced the follicle breakage rate to less than 3% (currently the system with low fracture rate of FUE), preserve the integrity of hair follicles and improve the survival rate of hair follicles.
Q:What kinds of people suitable for American digital hair transplant?
American digital hair transplant is suitable for everybody, however, Long strip scars are easy to show by FUT hair transplant. The scars after American digital hair transplant are less obvious.

Or judged by doctor that the scalp is tighter, or the scalp is particularly soft scalp characteristics of the complex person. American digital hair transplantation can be customized according to different scalp hair follicle characteristics of the patient, to protect the integrity of the hair follicle.

Q:Is American digital hair transplant risky? Do patients need general anesthesia?
The depth that drill knife is drilled in scalp is less than 0.5cm, and scalp blood circulation is good, not easy infection, wound is healed quickly, so it’s a safe operation.

The operation requires only a local anaesthetic on the scalp, so the patient is awake and can browser Internet or watch TV during the operation.

Due to the shorter operation time, the amount of anesthesia given is lower and the risk to the human body is lower.

Q:How long does the procedure take?
In general, more than 1,000-2000/per hour American digital hair transplants are recommended. Compared with other FUE systems, hair removal time is shorter. It can shorten the time of hair follicles outside the body, and Increase the survival rate of hair follicles.
Q:Is there anything needs to notice before surgery?
Wash your hair the night before or the same day before surgery. Avoid alcohol two days before surgery. Do not use all REGOINE, vitamin E and aspirin (anticoagulant) one week prior to hair transplant.
Q:Are there any side effects or complications?
There won’t be serious side effects or complications after hair transplant. Slight swelling, pain and bleeding are normal situation.

  • Slight swelling of the forehead and eyelids: Ice compress on the forehead (Non-transplant area) within 2 days after the operation, and the swelling will decrease rapidly after that.
  • Slight pain and discomfort: After operation, the pain can be relieved after 1 to 2 days by taking Antalgesic.
  • Mild bleeding: Pressure affected directly with gauze to slow down or solve it.
Q:Will the getting hair area takes hair have scar?
Traditional FUT (Rip the scalp) leaves strip-like scars, but the patented lotus drill used in American digital hair transplants has thin, sharp walls. The wounds will be smaller.
Q:How long does it take for the wound recovered after surgery? How long can you wear a hat or helmet?
The depth of the drill into the scalp is shallow and the wound is small, so it heals quickly.

  • The wound of hair planted area: There is slight scab, in two weeks which will fall off naturally, and do not pick out by hand.
  • Tiny would in at getting hair area: It will be recovered in 3 days gradually without seeing.
  • The day after operation: Be sure to wear a loose cap to protect the operation area.
  • 3 days after operation: You can be wear safety helmet and which is recommended to add clean and breathable cotton cloth to the safety helmet and replace it every day.
Q:Can they grow again in the area that getting hair?
American digital hair transplant emphasize: The depth of the drill lock into the scalp is shallow, and the hair is dispersed, even if it is extremely difficult to detect hair loss.

(There are a few cases of hair re-growing in medical research, but it varies from person to person)

It can’t completely replace the skills of medical staff. The both cooperation will make the surgery more efficient and better for YOU.